EMYS head sensors

See EMYS sensors docu LINK.

FLASH sensors

Apart from the sensors installed on EMYS, FLASH utilizes a modified Kinect for Windows sensor mounted on his chest and a URG-04LX laser rangefinder to perceive his environment. The Kinect sensor is mainly used in order to interact with the robot's users, whereas the URG rangefinder enables precise navigation. In order to keep balance and heading, the robot uses a MTi-30 sensor which contains gyroscopes and accelerometers in all three axes, as well as a magnetometer. Additionally, a 25W Infinity reference 3012cf loudspeaker is installed on the robot. An overview of the robot's sensors is presented in Fig. 2.


Fig. 2 FLASH sensors and speakers.




EMYS and FLASH are Open Source and distributed according to the GPL v2.0 © Rev. 0.9.2, 23.11.2017

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