Power supply

The robot is equipped with a dedicated Kokam 10 cell (SLPB78205130H), 16Ah, lithium-polymer battery pack delivering up to 42V. The battery pack is equipped with a BesTech Power HCX-D131 battery management system (BMS), which protects it against discharging below safe voltage levels and allows the robot to operate while charging. In order to provide sufficient cooling during charging, the BMS is connected to the robot's frame with a specially designed radiator. The battery pack is located underneath the robot's balancing platform. The whole setup is presented in Fig. 1.

battery pack

Fig. 1 FLASH battery pack and BMS.



In order to be able to quickly charge the battery pack, the robot is shipped with an external 2kW Meanwell RSP-2000-48 power supply (shown in Fig. 2, the charger info sticker can be found here: LINK), which has been trimmed down to 42V DC and can deliver continuous charge current of up to 42A. The robot is connected to the charger with a very long and flexible power cable to facilitate operation during charging. When the battery is completely depleted the charging process takes about 3 hours. 

 power supply

Fig. 2 FLASH charger.

Power connector

Cliffconn-series connectorrs from CLIFF are used to provide sufficient current handling capabilities during charging. The connectors along with the pinout of the FCR2068 (charger and robot side) are shown in Fig. 3.


Fig 3. (from left to right) FCR 2066, FCR 2068, connector pinout.



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